About Me

I’m Lesley Joseph

I used to travel around the world, playing professional tennis for a living. (Click here to learn more about that.)

Now I’m a researcher, writer, and licensed professional engineer who specializes in water and wastewater treatment. I work with clients all over the world to help them publish their research, improve their writing, and solve engineering problems. With several published articles and as a reviewer for the Journal of Environmental Pollution, I know what it takes to publish your scientific work. I also specialize in editing work by non-Native English speakers.  

Published Articles

Water/Sewer Projects

Edited Pages

Dissatified Clients

My Skills

I provide manuscript editing for students, researchers, professors, scientists, and engineers. I specialize in editing work done by non-Native English speakers. There is nothing that should prevent anyone from finishing their thesis or dissertation or any researcher from publishing their work in high-impact journals.  

  • Technical Writing
  • Proofreading/Manuscript Editing
  • Consulting
  • Research Support

 Whether you are a new researcher, a non-Native English speaker, or a student who is trying to finish your thesis or dissertation, we want you to succeed.  Let’s work together and make it happen.